Friday, December 20, 2013

A lot of people use the Scan Gauge II (SGII)in their RV's. I had read a lot about them on the Phoenix Cruiser forum and lots of people gave me great advice. I finally found a good deal on one and purchased it on Ebay.  After reading different ways to mount, on the mirror, steering wheel,  or even using the dashboard mount, I wanted something a little more permanent and out of the way. 

   I had previously installed a XM radio on the cup holder area.
XM radio installed on cup holder.
I decided to see if I could fabricate a mount to place the SGIIon top of the radio. First I added a strip of Velcro on the length of the radio and SGII. This Velcro strip held the SGII, but was a little floppy.
Using some metal strapping, I was able to make a mount to attach to the radio. I had to bend the strapping using a hammer and vise to get a tight angle. I then wrapped the metal straps in duct tape for protection added Velcro to the side of the mount and SGII.


I ran the SGII cable connection on the edge of the engine cowling to the connector under the steering wheel. Very nice and neat. To remove, I just disconnect the SGII cable and remove the radio which is not connected to the radio mount by wiring (slips in and out)  Note, I am not worried about being able to read the SGII at all times while driving.  My BH does most of the driving anyway, and now  I can monitor her driving.

ADDED 12/22
   Jim, KB90MH also has his SGII mounted in the same area. Drives a 2012   3100PC